Photokina – LightArt Congress

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Meet the best Lightpainting Artists of the World!

Photokina – LightArt Congress vom 23.-24. September 2016

The photokina and the lightpainting artist JanLeonardo organize the photokina theme world LightArt and the photokina – LightArt Congress in Cologne. Already before three years we started the first first conversation with the photokina and since two years we organize and plan the phoLAC and are still thereby photokina – LightArt Congress for you to refine.
Please considers when your planning which we for you to 23. September 2016 after phoLAC the evening meeting organized. It is a surprise, but it has to do something with Kölsch, with Light Painting, fun, meeting… and pyrotechnics may also be missing. Of course a highlight are our special guest from the other end of the world. … let you surprise.

On phoLAC and during photokina 5 different ranges apply for your attention:

1. Photokina – the LightArt Congress (23. – 24. September 2016)

The Congress invites with live music, laser shows, Ironman & Avengers live, workshops, light painting lectures and presentations, and much more!
⇒ Congress Centrum East

2. The Light Painting Gallery/screen exhibition (20. – 25. September 2016)

On 22 Panasonic (50 zoll) screens will be shown over 100 Light Painting artists from 40 different countries. A special drop are the 100 nominated photographs of the Light Painting Award 2016, as well as the winners of the Light Painting Awards 2015 and 2013 by JanLeonardo. Likewise to see are helpers, speakers and organizers ot the phoLAC 2016. Expanded becomes will the exhibition by a handfull Special Guests. The whole is rounded off with a Chill Lounge for drawing a deep breath and enjoying.
⇒ photokina: 4,1 Booth F-46

The winners of the Light Painting Award 2016 by JanLeonardo (20. – 25. September 2016)

As a first preview are will shown the winners of the 3rd International Light Painting Award on back lighted pictures . Produced from the print specialist” High Quality Print/ Daniel Ries “, likewise in the Light Painting Gallery.
⇒ photokina: 4,1 Booth F-46

The Light Painting photo box (20. – 25. September 2016)

As special attraction you find the Light Painting photoBOX direct on the Middle boulevard. With a rich program and international guests, inclusive Daren Paerson (USA), Eric Pare(Canada), Denis Smith(Australia), Mart Barras (UK) and many more. On the photokina opening day Ironman in person and personally flown to come and for photographies be available.
⇒Middle Boulevard

5. Whitewall/Hahnemühle print exhibition – Darren Pearson (20. – 25. September 2016)

The print exhibition of the Light Painting Award – photokina special price winner 2015 – Darren Pearson from USA.
⇒ Passage 4/5