Light Painting by JanLeonardo

Light Painting: Light Art Photography & LAPP

JanLeonardo’s light painting techniques base upon choreographical manipulated light in combination with performance art, time and photography. Apart from light painting and performance design, the artist engages in exclusive product and landscape illuminations. JanLeonardo specializes in photographic solutions without involving levels and digital composing. Light art appears to walk a delicate balance between something that can easily become a novelty effect of sorts and a finely tuned artistic style. Many people are aware of simplistic light art sculptures, including the style of “Light Painting” “light graffiti” but most of these attempts at light art seem to fall short of the full potential of the medium…
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Alpha Photo Magazin: Interview with Light Painting Master JanLeonardo
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Alpha Photo Magazin Interview with Light Painting Master JanLeonardo LAPP Light Painting and Light Art Photography

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Light Painting has many friends and contributors. With my sponsors and partners I share extensive and successful cooperations….

Light Painting for Zeiss - Otus