Painting With Light Fundraising Action – Boarding School Castle Salem

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Painting with light – Fundraising

JanLeonardo produced light painting photography art in Salem.  The artist donates lightpainting photographs in value of 30.000 Euro for the well-known School Castle Salem. His pictures were auctioned for the Kurt-Hahn-Foundation and achieved an higher profit.

The gallery owner Curtis Briggs, the School Salem and JanLeonardo & AnnaLeonarda organized a  painting with light fundraising action. This action was created for the Kurt-Hahn Foundation.

Venerable boarding school Castle Salem

The school Castle Salem is founded 1920 by the pedagogues and politician Kurt Martin Hahn. This school is one of the famous/ leading boarding schools in Europe. Young people from around the world learn to connect active learning with social commitment. Salem offers the German Abitur, as well as the International Baccalaureate.

Four nights darkness in castle Salem

At night in a 300 year old and dark castle. A Childhood-dream? Yes of course but that was also especially hard work too. JanLeonardo, AnnaLeonarda and Curtis Briggs had four nights to capture the spirit of Salem. Light Art Photography and old buildings are a specialty of JanLeonardo. The ideas of Curtis Briggs and the light knowledge of JanLeonardo designed amazing photographs. You have to know Curtis Briggs was himself a pupil in Salem. For more than forty years ago. He knew every corner and told from this time a lot of stories.

Painting with light

All photographs were produced in total darkness. Photography during one exposure time. Light painting, lightart-photography or light drawing are techniques to paint and illuminate  with light. Light movements performed in photographs. Jan Leonardo illumination technologies are developments to create very special lighting moods. So they dipped paintings into light and created spirits with help of  pupils of the school.

Used Equipment:

Sony A7r2, Sony/ZEISS FE 16-35 F4 Vario-Tessar ZA OSS, Sony/ZEISS FE 24-70 F4 Vario-Tessar ZA OSS, ZEISS Distagon T* 2,8/35

Tripods/ 3D Heads:
Gitzo Systematic GT5563GS, Manfrotto Carbon 057, Manfrotto Gearhead 405, Manfrotto MT055XPRO3, Manfrotto Gearhead 410


Walther Pro XL8000r, Walther Pro PL 80, Walther Pro, PL70 Walther Pro PL55r,

Special thanks

Thank you very much for your help, assistance and organisation: Curtis Briggs, AnnaLeonardo, Bernd J. Westermeyer, Gesa Meyer-Wiefhausen, Sabrina Müller & Anton Julmy.


Schwäbische Zeitung – JanLeonardo – In fölliger Finsternis durch den Betsaal, Seite 17 

Südkurier Zeitung – Curtis Briggs & JanLeonardo – Fast durchsitig im Bernadus Gang, Seite 26