International Light Painting Award 2016 – english

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Frodo Alvarez Light Painting Award winner from Spain

Lucky winner of a Sony A7r & Sony/ZEISS Sonnar T* FE 2,8/35 ZA

Behind the name of CHILDREN OF DARKLIGHT, we can find Alfredo Álvarez from Oviedo (Spain). In 2009 he started to experiment with Light Painting photographic technique in a pionner way in Spain. This technique is based on long exposures in dark locations, where the frame become the canvas, and lights are the tools and the paints for the artist. Children of Darklight knows how to choose wonderful locations in his beautiful Asturias, a land that has already been called “the lightpainters paradise”.

In 2012 Alfredo became the Spanish representative for the Light Painting World Alliance (LPWA), a group of worldwide lightpainters trying to promote light painting as an art form itself apart from photography. He has participated in most of the LPWA World Exhibitions in some of the most important cities of the world. He was twice a guest artist in his city’s White Night, making collective lightpainting performances, and he is nowadays the director of the first and most important lightpainting meeting in the world, the INTERNATIONAL LIGHTART CONGRESS CITY OF OVIEDO, whose second edition will take place in July 2015 in Oviedo.

About the art, Alfredo is known for not being afraid of anything. Children of Darklight is still evolving in continuous experimentation, every different style and any interesting project and collaboration, but now also making it proffesional, adapting his art to the events where he is invited (photobooths, collective exhibitions, professional sessions to models, video lightpainting for advertising, light painting stopmotion animations…) or any other proffesional work related to lightpainting.

Now, Alfredo and Children of Darklight, is a well recognized lightpainter and a reference to many others, not only in Spain, but in the whole world.


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