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After 10 Years JanLeonardo Light-Painting,
Light Art & LAPP

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Light Art Photography

The Light Art Photographer JanLeonardo doesn’t perform miracles. He is an perfectionist and searching for new opportunities. Light photography, LAPP, light-painting or light drawing are techniques. Not more not less! Every image has an idea, a technique, and an origin. Light photography lives from results. Learning from results with right and wrong decisions. Each approach takes its time.

Since more than 10 years JanLeonardo painting with light in darkness. He began with out rule models or light painting photographs. He saw his pictures and ideas in his head and of his collegues.
New ideas are born out of the desire to break boundaries. So were born many new techniques like: Flexible Light Control, Trunken Boy, Compositorial Light and many others.

JanLeonardo done many photographs and millions of light painting tries. He created a diversity of light art photography because the artist has overcome limits. Not with the results of other artist! No! He overcome the limits in his head.