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In the eye of thunder

A different Light Art Photography

Standing on the dike, enjoying the Wümme and the nature and the storm. This is something that JanLeonardo like begrudge times. Lightning flashes across the sky and the thunder is slow in coming. It is already dark and the storm is everywhere but not there at the Wümme. Already very often the rivers Weser and Wümme are weather cuts for the storm in a diversion and led it past Bremen. If otherwise the storm often from the south, it is derived from the River Weser. This time it was the Wümme along from the West and how it came. For a long time it had not rained so JanLeonardo tried once the landscape illumination and a little lightpainting.

Then the storm came very quickly and suddenly he was standing right in the middle in the eye of the storm. He rarely had seen such a storm. The picture speaks for itself, this must be remembered that it was taken with a super wide angle of 16 mm. It was raining, thunder and lightning so strong the refuge of artists in the car and the waterproof Sony A7R II had make your work alone. O-Ton JanLeonardo: "So a storm (the four directions came) I've never seen, as it crashed Flashed and immediately it Tinny RECOURSE my heart almost stopped and I jumped with starting the drive can be only from the. experience from Spain excel where a flash is sensed 200m drilled me in the ground and I could feel the power in the air. and the bang that followed it, I'll never forget the rest of my life."