UNESCO invited JanLeonardo to Year of the Light ceremony


Guests of UNESCO in Paris

JanLeonardo and AnnaLeonardo in Paris

JanLeonardo was representant of LPWA and offiacial invited for the opening ceremony of the UNESCO for the Year of Light and Light Based Technologies in Paris 2015.
Together with Sergey Churkin, Eric Mellinger and Hugo Babtista they visited the grand opening ceremony.

A LPWA Meeting with Chukos Lpwa Eric Mellinger, Hugo Baptista, Frodo Kolo and JanLeonardo in Paris was before the UNESCO Ceremon. Big meet up discussion about a nearest Congress in Germany 2016.

Please see here the official album of the UNESCO Exhibition, organized by
LPWA for the UNESCO Year of Light.:
LPWA-UNESCO exhibition in Paris 2015

Short video from the LPWA Exhibtion - UNESCO Paris 2015
by JanLeonardo